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The Parent-Child Book Club Website will help you connect with your family through reading. To get started, buy our new book,


Next, use our Model Guides to make this experience simple. Our New Model Guides provide updates for your group. Enjoy our tips for creating book club connections in your own home. Happy Reading!

"A must-read for enhancing your child's literacy skills from an early age, while fostering strong family connections through engaging activities."

Alisa Brot, M.S., S.A.S.,
Educational Director of Home and Community Services
The New York Center for Child Development

Mom Madness Interview
with authors Melissa Stoller and Jeff Kinney

A Great Resource

Our book, The Parent-Child Book Club: Connecting With Your Kids Through Reading, includes simple, easy-to-follow instructions for organizing and conducting your family book club with children ages 4-9.

What People Say

"Stoller and Winkler are brilliant! I highly recommend this exceptionally well-written, clear and easy-to-follow guide which offers research-based advice on stimulating higher-order thinking skills as well as a chance to foster a lifetime of fond memories between parents and children."


Dr. Andrea Yenis Bittman, Ed.D. Professor of Education, St. John's University
Teacher of Gifted and Talented, Herricks Schools

Inside our book, find Quick Tips For Success, Do's and Don'ts For Successful Meetings, Real Life Issues Solved, and Putting Our Ideas Into Action. Also, use the 20 Book Club Model Guides to help you easily start your own .


by Amy Bowllan, School Library Journal