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The Parent-Child Book Club Website will help you connect with your family through reading. To get started, buy our new book,


Next, use our Model Guides to make this experience simple. Our New Model Guides provide updates for your group. Enjoy our tips for creating book club connections in your own home. Happy Reading!


More Testimonials:


"A must-read for enhancing your child's literacy skills from an early age, while fostering strong family connections through engaging activities."


by Alisa Brot, M.S., S.A.S.


"A terrific resource for parents to inspire a love of reading in their children!"


"The Parent-Child Book Club" by Melissa Stoller and Marcy Winkler is an amazing resource for any parent who loves to read and wants to inspire the same love of reading in their children! The book is full of very practical how-to advice, and anticipates and answers common (and not so common!) issues that may arise when starting and maintaining a parent-child book club. The book also includes many starter book club meeting ideas -- not only ideas for books, but ideas for related projects and activities. The concept of making connections between what parents and children are reading and what they are experiencing is brilliant! Using the authors' ideas to start a parent-child book club will be inspirational to children and adults alike, and will create many memorable family and social experiences.


by Dina Gold, barnesandnoble.com


"The Parent-Child Book Club encourages invaluable dialogue and deeper connections with your kids in a most exciting and creative way - an outstanding resource in this fast-paced world."


by Lisa E. Eskalyo, Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, NYC


"How great that there is now a beautifully written easy-to-follow guide."


How great that there is now a beautifully written, easy-to-follow guide for doing what we all should do: connect to our children through reading. What better way to instill a love of books in our children than to bring them together with their friends for a parent-child book club? Stoller and Winkler have done the work for us, so all we have to do is follow their time-tested wisdom (especially their Model Guides) and enjoy the immeasurable benefits of connection!


by Susan Olick


"Amazing things can happen when you share a book with your child! For those of you that have a love of reading and want to pass that on to your children here is a great way to get started!"


Amazing things can happen when you share a book with your child! For those of you that have a love of reading and want to pass that on to your children here is a great way to get started! Check it out! My kids all love to read and shoot through three and four book series on a regular basis! Give it a try! When you read what they read it opens up a whole new world of discussion and makes them hungry for more! It gives us as parents a new way to connect with our kids and it’s fun for everyone!


by Ronda Lamprecht


"Reading your wonderful book inspired a great field trip for our Mother-Daughter Book Club!"


I moderated a book group of 11 first-grade girls and their mothers who met monthly during the school year at one another's homes. We focused on classic books, typically, that were read aloud by parents. Our final book of the year was Sydney Taylor's All of A Kind Family. After reading your book, I was inspired to hold our last meeting of the year in a more interesting location: The Tenement Museum in New York City. The girls and their moms were given a wonderful tour of the museum. The tour we chose was interactive, and allowed our group to pretend to be new immigrants on the Lower East of New York, just like the protagonists in this memoir-esque novel. We had supper at Katz' deli, and had an enriched discussion about the book.


by Kathryne Lyons